How to Avoid Roofing Nightmares

Avoid Costly Repairs With a Roof That Was Installed Correctly

Installation mistakes can cost you more time and money. John McClung Roofing will make sure installation is done right the first time.

Quick and Careless Service

In many cases, after a storm hits, roofing companies will visit affected areas to offer their services. They hurriedly install or repair your roof, without consideration for quality workmanship and dependable, long-lasting roofing materials.

You’re Left With a Mess

Many roofing companies are not known for their cleanliness. Sometimes, in addition to new roofs, clients are left with tire tracks on their lawn, shingles and debris tossed on their landscaping.

Never-Ending Service

While you want to make sure your roofers are taking their time to do it right the first time, sometimes the work drags for days or even weeks. Often, companies are waiting for materials, or even workers who are finishing someone else’s roof—even if they’ve told you they’d be in and out in no time.

Lack of a Guarantee

In many cases, homeowners and businesses think they’re getting guaranteed services; however, those guarantees only apply to materials and not installation. Poor installation frequently voids a manufacturer’s material warranty!

How to Avoid This Nightmare

Employ a company that will be there when they promise—John McClung Roofing. We will be there just long enough to do the best possible job and then we’ll be off your roof so you can get back to your daily routine.

How to Avoid This Nightmare

John McClung Roofing offers a written lifetime workmanship warranty on any roof system installation—in addition to any material guarantees.

Lack of Communication

You don’t want to be left of out the loop when it comes to your property. Many companies send in a team of roofers who go right to work, but never interact with the client to reassure them that their project is proceeding by plan and on schedule.

How to Avoid This Nightmare

Get in touch with our roofers! We ensure trained project foremen accompany our workers to each site. And, every minute that we’re working on your roof, they communicate with you about your project. We want to make sure you’re receiving the highest quality workmanship and service, as well as answer any questions you may have.