Project Map It

Filter our work by locations, photos, reviews, and services we provide. Select any of the filters found at the top right of the map and watch the pins on the map change, as well as the addresses on the right change. If the icons in the “address view” are black, it means there are photos and/or reviews on that project pin! If the pin on the map is a solid color, it means there are photos of that project and/or reviews from our happy clients as well. If you ever want to refresh the map to its original state, just click the “refresh map” link. Feel free to zoom in and out, look up your street name, and filter by color, shingle or metal, roof replacements or repairs, and commercial or residential.

We have been in business for nearly 20 years and this map helps get a "bird's eye view" of many of those jobs throughout the years! We believe your roof is our reputation and stand by every pin represented on this map.

Happy exploring!